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China Household Holdings Limited (the "Group") engaged in sales of fabrics, clothing and other related accessories in the beginning, mainly in Hong Kong, the United States of America and the People Republic of China ("China"). Since 2010, the Group started to acquire and develop other business, including household decoration, exploitation of iron and titanium, mining and development, and financing.

In January 2013, the Group completed the acquisition of Chang Ye Holdings Limited and entered the household market in China. The Group also changed its company name from "Bao Yuan Holdings Limited" to "China Household Holdings Limited". The core business of the Group's subsidiary, Zhongshan City Prado Style Household Company Limited ("Prado"), is trading of the wooden household products, providing services of overall general household solution. Prado has been keeping a good cooperation partnership with the major property developers in China, and committed to large-scale developments. In order to cope with the industry trends, the Group will invest and open showrooms in the southern and eastern region in China. The Group also has its own construction team to serve various types of clients. Services vary from planning, design, decoration, to co-ordination arrangements of decoration materials, cabinets and furniture etc., delivering the new concept of the all-rounded household decoration. The general one-stop household solution is supported by both the online and offline services.

In January 2013, Prado has been awarded the "Top 10 investment brand in Asia" and "Top 100 growing brands in Asia", presented in "The Annual Award Ceremony for China's Brand in Asia's Brand Conference in 2012", which is jointly organized by "Global Times", Asia Brand Association and China Economic Agency (中國經濟導報社). The receipts of these awards were mainly due to its unique overall household concept and the business model of integrated supply chain, according to the specialists.
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