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Shenzhou Space Park Group Limited, formerly known as China Household Holdings Limited, with its stock short name: Shenzhou Park (HK:00692), is a company listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The principal business of which is big data management of internet home decoration, supply chain financial services (P2P), tourism and cultural industry investment, securities investment and sales of related products. The Company is constantly pursuing industrial transformation and upgrading, improving enterprise business model, and building the first comprehensive management platform of third-party services for internet home decoration in China based on internet intelligent integrated household, whether from standardized integrated system to industrial chain management platform and from big data of internet home decoration to big service of supply chain finance.

The Group established the internet financial management platform for intelligentized family through intelligentized big data operation of integrated home decoration, and gradually perfect the business model of " Internet + Finance + Industry Chain + Big Data". Through the organic integration with OAO2C innovative business model, the efficient supply chain management, service chain management and industrial standardized operation are formed, thereby achieved the provision of one-stop solution of intelligent integrated home decoration service chain, covering product design to product supply, logistics distribution, construction service and after-sales service, to condense complicated home decoration project into simple standards in terms of dimension, product, construction and intelligence.

In November 2016, the Group obtained the support from Zhongshan Government and Space Fifth Institute (航天五院) to jointly build the first aerospace cultural-themed flagship park in the China encompassing diversified business models. The model of "Capital and Culture" is amazingly demonstrated. By leveraging on national aerospace achievements and capital market advantages, the park unveiled the completely new transformation odyssey of aerospace culture and tourism industry.

Shenzhou Aerospace Park(神舟航天樂園)is located in Shenwan Town, Zhongshan City. Through constructing the entertainment and tourism facilities with distinctive aerospace culture, and constantly injecting updated aerospace science and technology achievements, aerospace elements and other thematic content, it will become the most distinctive tourism spot in China. The construction includes Aerospace Themed Square(航天主題廣場), Hotel Street (酒店街), Space Agricultural Park (太空農業園), Space Experience Tour(太空體驗之旅), Wentian Kepu Base(問天科普基地), Outlet Town(奧特拉斯小鎮)and Dimension Camp(維度大本營)etc. It aims at attracting tourists from all over the country with Southern China as core market, and also actively develops the peripheral markets dominated by Southeast Asian countries.

For planning and control purposes, Shenzhou Aerospace Park made alternate lay out arrangement between two different types of land, i.e. leisure tourism and vacation and residence, forming a good profitability model and capability in propelling each other. By utilizing the magnanimity of tourists to promote the operating activities of resorts and hotels, and by means of property rights measures, it accelerated the return of investment capital and finance the construction investment of tourism facilities, so that tourism town can operate under light assets, enhance profitability and risk resistant ability.

The completion of Shenzhou Aerospace Park will be the first of its kind in China and also the only one aerospace-themed tourist resort town in Southern China, and also the national 5A scientific and educational tourist attraction.
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