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China Household Holdings Limited (formerly known as Bao Yuan Holdings Limited, stock code: 0692.HK) was established in 1975, engaged in trading of clothing, textile and garment in the beginning.. The Group was listed on the main board of Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in Jan 2000.

In January 2013, the Group completed the acquisition of China Household Furniture Holdings Limited, and its major operating company, Zhongshan City Prado Style Household Company Limited. This implied the successful business diversification and strategic transformation to the household business.

The Group currently engages the sales of products under the brand of "Prado Style Household", and provides one-stop solution of home decoration. Going forward, the Group will integrate the supply chain of upstream timber sourcing, midstream trading platform of raw materials, as well as downstream research and development centre, in order to realize the combination of upstream, midstream and downstream supply chain and provides synergy to the Group.

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