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Finance Business

The Group obtained money lenders licenses in 2011 given the huge demand of capital in Hong Kong, and started to operate money lending business in the region. Loans are mostly provided in the form of pledge, and a series of assessment on interests, risks and returns are done by the internal software for a completed approval procedures. At the same time, the Group employs risk management consultant for grading assessment and debt collection. Going forward, the Group will continue to look for investment opportunities in order to expand its business, and focus on risk management. The Group is confident to sustain revenue growth as it can cope with market changes and needs, by means of effective risk management and resources allocation.

Trading in Securities

To make the best use of the Group’s cash in hand, the Group started trading in securities from the fourth quarter of 2010. By maximizing the aggregate annual return, the Group mainly invested in the listed companies in Hong Kong. Besides, other investment vehicles e.g. banknotes, convertible bonds, debentures and etc., will also be considered.

Even the stock market in Hong Kong remained weak and fluctuated due to the economic downturn in United States and triggered by the unresolved European debt issue, the Group’s securities portfolio provided a revenue stream in 2012.

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